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Local time: Microsoft has a website dedicated to explaining the difference. The terms bit and bit refer to the way a computer's processor also called a CPU , handles information. The bit version of Windows handles large amounts of random access memory RAM more effectively than a bit system. For more details, go to A description of the differences between bit versions of Windows Vista and bit versions of Windows Vista online. A more in-depth and less Windows biased analysis can be found at Wikipedia. A change from a bit to a bit architecture is a fundamental alteration, as most operating systems must be extensively modified to take advantage of the new architecture, because that software has to manage the actual memory addressing hardware.

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What is the difference between x32, x64 and x86? By - February 21, Have you heard about x32, x64 and x86 but you have no idea what these terms mean? Here we will explain to you what is the difference between x32, x64 and x But what does 32 bit mean? And 4. The only difference from a bit processor is that a bit processor, in addition to handling bit instructions and referring to bit memory addresses, is also able to handle bit instructions.


x86 ou x64 , como saber qual a arquitetura do meu sistema operacional?

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