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Aug 1, - You've got a new PC running Windows 10 Home. You want to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Here's how to get that upgrade for free. All you. Aug 2, - If you've just purchased a new PC it is likely running either Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. While both versions will help you. Jul 24, - Want to free upgrade Windows 10 Home edition to Pro? This page will provide you 2 free methods to guide you effectively upgrade Windows.

Rather than having to update to newer browser versions and break their apps, many companies instead keep their employees on these older versions. They may not benefit from the latest and greatest web technology, but the programs they need to do their jobs will work. This feature allows users with a newer version of Internet Explorer to load websites and web pages using the engines from these past iterations.

Users can then take advantages of better security, and still enjoy compatibility with older company apps. Remote Desktop: Remote control of your home computer is an example of a feature that almost any user would love to have.

Client Hyper-V: While this is a built-in function, you can replicate with other programs. Nonetheless, it's worth knowing some of the business-focused functions you'd be paying for if you upgraded to Pro: Group Policy: Group Policy allows administrators to limit what users can do using a centralized set of roles. This includes security elements like password complexity, whether they can access network resources, or install applications.

This allows users to synchronize their important settings and application info across devices via Microsoft's Azure cloud. This doesn't include documents and files, but rather how the machine is configured. Windows Store for Business: This is like the consumer-facing Windows Store , except this one allows business users to make purchases of apps at volume. They can also manage those purchases or subscriptions for all users in the organization.

Windows will upgrade in no time flat. You'll need it to replace your current license key. To do so: If you've received a full copy of Windows Pro instead of an upgrade copy, you should be able to move that Home license to a new machine.

You can do this if you installed Home yourself, but not to a copy of Home that came pre-installed on your PC. When you buy a new PC, you typically get a cheaper copy of Windows than if you bought it at retail, but it's bound to that particular PC. Make sure you're up to date on any Windows Updates. Under Activation, select Change product key.

The Product Key window will open. Select Next. If your key is correct, the upgrade will start, and you'll soon get a message that Windows has been upgraded. Files moved from a BitLocker encrypted drive to another drive are automatically decrypted.

Saving it to your Microsoft account is recommended. A cloud storage solution like OneDrive can be a great way to store your files, but a USB key encrypted with BitLocker and clipped to a keychain can provide an additional layer of security and keep precious files close at hand. Remote Desktop Connection MicrosoftWindows has two similarly named capabilities: Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Assistance.

The differences between the two are significant. Only Windows 10 Professional machines can be remotely controlled, however—not Windows 10 Home machines. Remote Assistance is designed as an educational tool, so that a remote technician can show you how to adjust your graphics settings, for example, by moving your mouse. If you run a small business, Remote Desktop Connection is another reason to consider Windows 10 Professional. Client Hyper-V Not many business professionals will probably care about virtualization, the ability to wall off a portion of your hard drive into a virtual PC, complete with its own operating system.

But for enthusiasts—especially those who wish to continue testing Insider builds without risking their main system—Hyper-V is just the thing.

In fact, virtualization is a key technology that appears in several ways within Windows 10 Pro. Virtualization creates a secure operating environment within your PC that allows you to run different operating systems, including Linux, future builds of Windows 10, and even older versions of Windows.

Just make sure you still have valid license keys for the operating system and a PC processor that supports virtualization—not all older models do.

Windows will suggest that you install some optional features. Microsoft Update for Business Windows 10 Home pushes patches to your PC immediately, allowing you to defer installation for a few hours, but no longer.

For some, that might not be the most desirable option. Windows 10 Professional offers an option, as our tutorial in how to manage Windows 10 updates explains. Users can certainly opt to install patches as soon as Microsoft releases them.

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Then try the free upgrade with pro activation keys that are authentic and provides free access to avail all of the windows features. If you are a business enthusiast, upgrading to a better version of Windows will provide seamless benefits along with sophisticated features. The free upgrade by using Windows 10 Pro keys will cost you nothing. Do you know, we have listed Windows 10 product keys for free here. Visit the homepage. Features of Windows 10 Pro It is true that Windows 10 Pro is for business purposes with enhanced functionality and features including remote login, better encryption and enables the user to create a virtual machine. Better Security:

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