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Sign in to vote Here's what worked for me, and this may or may not apply to others. My issue was with Outlook x64 bit, via Office Standard volume license edition. The PC was a Dell Precision By chance when scrolling through the list of apps in the start menu Windows 10 , I noticed that there were two shortcuts for each office app. I thought that to be strange. Opened programs and features by opening run, typing in appwiz. Sure enough, only Office Standard was showing as being installed.

Normally I forget it's there before trying to install the volume license edition of Office and I get an error that I can't install, which reminds me. This time, I didn't have to do that. So why are there two shortcuts in the start menu for? Right clicking the shortcuts i had the option to either open, or unisntall, but no open file location. So I decided to open Outlook, and then via task manager I found that the Outlook executable in question that was running was located in an Outlook specific folder within the C: What i personally ended up doing was finding each Office related shortcut in the start menu, right clicking, and choosing uninstall.

I also uninstalled something called "my office" via the same process. There may have been a way to uninstall all of this in one shot but I didn't care to take the time to try to figure that out.

Hope this helps someone out there. This worked for us as well. We uninstalled native Windows 10 office apps and it fixed the problem. No registry editing was required. Proposed as answer by.

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