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Project Server is licensed using a Server/CAL (Client Access License) model. Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management solutions require a Project Server license for each running instance of the software, and CALs are required for each person or device accessing a Project Server. Learn more about Project Server licensing. MS Project Licensing Visual Guide This visual guide provides a high-level overview of the various MS Project products, their licensing options, and dependencies. You can download a PDF version of the guide (using the link below) to reference when determining which MS Project product is . Use fully-installed, up-to-date Project desktop application. One license covers up to 5 PCs per person.

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Project Online Essentials is a team member add-on for customers that have Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium. Enables Project team member collaboration in the cloud, via web browser or mobile. Team members can store project documents on a central site, view project updates, and. Get powerful project management and publishing in the cloud, plus keep projects, resources, and teams organized and on track. • Easy and efficient planning and status tracking, plus scheduling and costing • Collaborate with others from virtually anywhere • Assign resources with resource management capabilities • Each subscription license allows for up to five concurrent installations. Project Plan 5 enables organizations to get started quickly with powerful project management (PPM) capabilities to plan, prioritize, and manage project and portfolio investments from almost anywhere. Get started quickly and work intuitively with an easy-to-use and coherent visual user experience.

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Alan M. Boyd, Microsoft's Manager of Product Development, introduced the application as an internal tool to help manage the huge number of software projects that were in development at any time inside the company. Boyd wrote the specification and engaged a local Seattle company to develop the prototype. The first commercial version of Project was released for DOS in Microsoft bought all rights to the software in and released version 2. Version 3 for DOS was released in


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