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Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises Volume Licensing Guide | August Page 8 License Mobility License Mobility through Software Assurance gives Microsoft Volume Licensing customers the flexibility to deploy eligible server applications with active . Dec 27,  · Formula of the Month for December, Microsoft publishes only one price list as a spreadsheet, the pricing for Open License, the company’s entry-level volume licensing program. Try to find prices for the more advanced Select Plus or Enterprise Agreement programs, about the only option a customer has is the Microsoft Licensing Advisor (MLA). Learn how different licensing options help your organization get the best value when purchasing and managing your Microsoft products and services. Volume Licensing Service Center. Access your licenses. Sign in. Product activation. Find product key information. Learn more. Find a Microsoft Partner.

Start by asking the following questions. Before choosing and entering into a volume licensing program you should always ask yourself the following questions in order to determine which program is best suited for your needs. How many licenses does my company need to purchase? Do I need perpetual or subscription based licenses? Do I need Software Assurance services included or as an option to be added at a later stage? Open License is meant for organizations of different dimensions from 5 to PCs for which the pay-off is made integral at the moment of the license acquisition. Licenses purchased are perpetual, but clients can also acquire subscription based licenses.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Web Site. . Select License offers incentive-based pricing based on your technology needs and The following table lists. Jul 13, - Microsoft is a critical part of this transformation and must respond with a Rather than lower list price for Level A, we will lower partner margin on some online services. What is changing with pricing in volume licensing? Oct 1, - Previously, volume licensing was required to use the Extended The pricing for the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates program was.

Microsoft volume licensing price list

Microsoft Announces Price Increases for Microsoft volume licensing programs

VLs are expensive, cumbersome, and not for the faint of heart, the story goes. But that story's wrong. It turns out there's a trick that people in the know have been using for years to comply, quite precisely, with the rules and pick up any VL software they might want for a song.

I've already written about the way Microsoft has buried PowerPivot , "the best new feature to hit Excel in 20 years," according to "Mr. Excel" Bill Jelen. Jelen has a great take on the topic: They're engineers.

They've created great products. I appreciate those products, you've seen me rave about those products. It's someone else, high up, who puts the packages together, who made what I believe to be the world's worst mistake Most people think of volume licensing as a high-volume deal, with a minimum of five copies required to get a VL contract.

If you want VL Excel , you have to buy five of them, right? At least, that's what I thought, until I went through Jelen's podcast. A friend of mine, also a Microsoft MVP, confirms that this loophole's been around for years, and it's commonly used by people who want to buy a VL Windows server product but don't need five copies of Windows, much less five copies of Windows Server.

Here's how the trick works. In order to qualify for a volume license, you don't need to buy five copies of the same piece of software. You only need to buy five copies of some software offered in the VL program.

Lemington Consulting, which works extensively with Access volume licenses, explains the details in its FAQ: Is there a mininum number of licenses that must be purchased under a Volume License Agreement? The minimum number of licenses required for a Volume License Agreement is five 5. However, the five licenses can be made up of any combination of products. Quantities of less than five can also be purchased economically by making up the additional license using an inexpensive "make up" product SKU.

Once the initial Volume License Agreement is in place, additional licenses can be added to the Agreement in quantities of less than five.

For example, if a company purchases five Office Professional Plus licenses under a new agreement, three months later the same company can purchase one additional Office Professional Plus license under the same agreement. The minimum license number therefore only applies to the initial Volume License agreement. One of the worst-kept secrets in VL cognoscenti circles: Microsoft really needs to rethink Office licensing.

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