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Get the best pricing; per user, per device, or hybrid licensing options; and simplified license management for end-user technologies from Microsoft. Server and Cloud Enrollment: Get the best pricing, cloud-optimized licensing options, and simplified license management when you buy one or more server and cloud technologies from Microsoft. The enrollment agreement structure allows you to easily add new products and services when you need them. The Enterprise Agreement life cycle The Enterprise Agreement life cycle True-up During the term of your Enterprise Agreement, you can add and adjust users , devices, products, and services at any time without having to place individual purchase orders and account for changes through the annual process.

Renewing your Enterprise Agreement When it is time to renew your Enterprise Agreement , you will have the opportunity to make adjustments to ensure that your new agreement is aligned with your current and future needs. Get the best out of your investment with Software Assurance Software Assurance is included in the Enterprise Agreement and provides a comprehensive range of benefits to help you plan, deploy, and use the latest Microsoft technologies and services.

Benefits that help you extend the value of your Microsoft investments include: Rights to new software releases during the term of the agreement at no additional cost. Access to unique technologies. Planning Services to enable efficient deployments. In-person and online training for IT pros and end users.

Flexible payment options More and more Enterprise Agreement customers are choosing Microsoft Payment Solutions to help them create a flexible payment structure for their complete range of technology needs, including software, services, partner products, and hardware. Get a range of benefits, including best pricing and terms, cloud and user optimized licensing options, and simplified license management.

Windows Software Assurance per User Windows Software Assurance per User is a new way to license Windows, putting users at the center of licensing for their devices. This provides simpler license management because you count only users with primary PCs, instead of counting every single device. Server and Cloud Enrollment The Server and Cloud Enrollment is an enrollment under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that enables you to commit to one or more key server and cloud technologies from Microsoft.

If you are looking for how much it costs, see Phone System. Calling Plans Calls to other Teams users are free, but if you want your users to be able to call any phone numbers outside of your business, get a Calling Plan.

If you are looking for how much it costs, see Calling Plan Pricing. Microsoft Teams Rooms This isn't an add-on, but a feature that brings video, audio, and content sharing to conference rooms. See Microsoft Teams Rooms. Need to talk to someone about all the add-on options? Contact support for business products - Admin Help. License options based on your plan The add-on licensing options available to you depends on your Office plan.

See the following topics for information, features, and options that are specific to your plan. Well, that's not what we do. We train you in the fundamentals of Microsoft licensing and negotiation from A to Z so that you can develop your own expertise. By the end of our Boot Camp, you'll have the in-house knowledge you need to avoid tens-of-thousands of dollars in unnecessary licensing costs.

And if you do decide to hire a consultant, you'll quickly know if the advice you're getting is sound. No one can possibly know everything about Microsoft licensing. But you can get close enough to protect your investments. We'll help you master the ground rules, spot new opportunities for savings, and know what licensing traps to avoid as you plan new projects. You'll be far better-prepared and far more confident whenever you engage with your Microsoft or one of their resellers.

Isn't it worth it? The Licensing Boot Camp was an incredible help in pulling it all together just in time for contract renewal.

Without it I would be making uninformed decisions that would have left the company in a noncompliance or overpurchase situation. No hidden agenda. We're not Microsoft or one of its LARs, so we don't have a vested interest in how much software your company buys. And we're not a software asset management vendor or consultant, so we don't have a vested interested in selling you a SAM solution or a consulting project.

We're educators. Our sole mission is to equip you to be your own best advocate when it comes to licensing Microsoft software. Focus and depth. Unlike many companies that offer Microsoft licensing training, we're not a one-man shop. Nor are we a side business of a much larger company. We're an independent analyst firm focused exclusively on Microsoft since

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Automatic, non-KMS activation requires Windows 10, version or later, on a device with a firmware-embedded activation key. OA3xOriginalProductKey If the device has a firmware-embedded activation key, it will be displayed in the output. If the output is blank, the device does not have a firmware embedded activation key. Most OEM-provided devices designed to run Windows 8 or later will have a firmware-embedded key. Enabling Subscription Activation with an existing EA If you are an EA customer with an existing Office tenant, use the following steps to enable Windows 10 Subscription licenses on your existing tenant:


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