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Software kopen kan slimmer! Aankopen en direct downloaden: Antivirus kopen, Microsoft Office software en meer! Licentie2GO is specialist op het gebied van beveiligingssoftware, Office software voor consumenten en bedrijven en helpt u van A tot Z. Onze software-specialisten staan 7 dagen/week voor u klaar om te helpen met kiezen, aankopen, installeren of verlengen. Idemia Licence2Go. Morpho DDL. Sidebar ×. Jul 25,  · Tim Ferris, OT-Morpho, managing director for Morpho Australasia, said of the trial: “ Licence2Go is able to connect identity from the physical world into the digital world. We have had some.

Disadvantages of a Licensing Agreement First, it does not give a firm the tight control over manufacturing, marketing, and strategy that is required for realizing experience curve and location economies. Licensing limits a firm's ability to do this. This is associated with licensing technological know-how foreign companies. Technological know-how constitutes the basis of many multinational firms' competitive advantages. Most firms wish to control how their know-how is used, because they can lose control easily.

Many firms make the mistake of thinking they could maintain control over their know-how within the licensing agreement. With such a license, the licensee may use the trademark without fear of a claim of trademark infringement by the licensor. The assignment of a license often depends on specific contractual terms. The most common terms are, that a license is only applicable for a particular geographic region, just for a certain period of time or merely for a stage in the value chain.

Moreover, there are different types of fees within the trademark and brand licensing. The first form demands a fee independent of sales and profits , the second type of license fee is dependent on the productivity of the licensee. When a licensor grants permission to a licensee to not only distribute, but manufacture a patented product, it is known as licensed production.

Artwork and character licensing[ edit ] A licensor may grant a permission to a licensee to copy and distribute copyrighted works such as "art" e.

With such license, a licensee need not fear a claim of copyright infringement brought by the copyright owner. Artistic license is, however, not related to the aforementioned license. It is a euphemism that denotes freedom of expression, the ability to make the subject appear more engaging or attractive, by fictionalising part of the subject.

Academia[ edit ] National examples of the licentiate are listed at licentiate degree A licentiate is an academic degree that traditionally conferred the license to teach at a university or to practice a particular profession. The term survived despite the fact that nowadays a doctorate is typically needed in order to teach at a university. The term is also used for a person who holds a licentiate. Your wife and daughter — the whole family — start looking for it.

It's not in its usual place — not amid the untidy overflow of the shelves in the living room, not on the semi-tidy shelves in the bedroom. It's not in the kitchen. It's not in any coat pocket. There it is: It's your teenage daughter who finds it. That's where you put it last night, you idiot! These days you no longer feel embarrassed by your frequent mistakes, believing old age is your licence to carry on making blunders. You keep that licence under your skin, for all to see on your creased face.

You use the shit to open the car and find the satnav. Back in the living room, your genius daughter, who does not have the old-age licence, helps you to tap the address into the GPS. As soon as that's done you shout again, are you ready? Your wife has been ready for a long time, even before you started looking for the shit.

She comes down with a large plastic bag and you both say goodbye to your daughter. You head for Lausanne without needing any gadget. You know the way, so you won't need the satnav until you're inside the city. You don't like the disruptive sound of a disembodied woman's voice screeching at you to turn left or right. In the car your wife is with Eric Clapton and you're with Sofi. Everyone's saying that Sofi's story is a potential bestseller if only you can find a twist at the end.

Your thoughts trek to all the points of the compass, but still that twist eludes you. Suddenly, as if you'd discovered the theory of relativity well before Einstein, you shout inside your head, so as not to disturb the intimate moments your wife Nargis is enjoying with Eric:

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Het platform stelt de houders in staat hun identificatiedocumenten op te laten nemen in hun smartphone en te profiteren van beveiliging en flexibiliteit. Overal, altijd onderweg. Licence2Go werkt op het principe van Privacy by design en in alle stadia blijft de controle over persoonsgegevens bij de eigenaar van het apparaat. Morpho Licence2Go: Licence2Go works on the principle of Privacy by Design, and at all stages, control of personal data remains with the device owner. Contactless verification takes place between devices, with no personal data transmitted, even in areas away from mobile coverage. Licence details can be visually verified in-person or online, where facial verification can be used in the case of secure transactions such as loan applications. Morpho Australasia is working with Transport authorities among others to customize the solution and brand the apps with the design of the issuing authority. The company has already begun a pilot study with an Australian Transport authority and is working to produce further pilots around the Asia-Pacific region in the second half of We have had some great feedback from several jurisdictions and look forward to when leaving the physical document at home is no longer a problem.


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