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In case it is your first time at the meeting, please introduce yourself on the This month Kai Mertens will enlighten us with a talk about "BIOS, Libreboot, Intel ME". Also, Erik Albers will talk about the upcoming summit and look for volunteers for the 15 years of FSFE celebration.

New guests are welcome, official start of the agenda is at 20:00 but many of us prefer to arrive at 19:30 to buy economic and good food in the e-Lok. Location: e-Lok Jugendclub, Laskerstrae 6-8, 10245 Berlin FSFE group in Franconia will have its next meeting the hackerspace K4CG in Nrnberg.

All friends of Free Software are invited to come.

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They made REDHAT. com more than just a place to download Linux-it also became an online community for Linux users and developers. In addition, it offered other products related to open-source software, including a growing menu of downloads.

Now that Red Hat was getting more attention, it needed financing to keep up with demand. Venture capitalists started taking notice because Red Hat was a clear leader in the world of Linux. However, when Bob told them Red Hat's business strategy of giving away its software for free, they vanished. "The VC's didn't understand because they weren't talking to the customers.

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