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Free download includes trial version of Bento 3 personal database for Mac. SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Jan. 13, - FileMaker, Inc. today announced the Bento 3. See contacts and calendars like never before. Bento 3 for Mac links directly to the Address. Book and iCal information you already have on your Mac to display  Missing: download ‎| ‎Must include: ‎download. Bento 3 database and then creates a new database based upon your existing Bento Template Exchange to submit your own templates and download.

Enhanced container fields. Drag and drop files into your database, render images faster, and securely store and manage data externally. Quick Charts. Create eye-catching charts in a just a few clicks with the new integrated set-up and customization window. Get design tools, themes, scripts, and calculation functions to help you quickly build apps for iPad and iPhone.

Advanced database development and customization made easy FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Pro 12 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools.

Design and develop more powerful and flexible database applications for yourself and your team. Design and develop databases faster - Create, change, or delete specific menu items or entire menu sets.

Specify custom menus that display when using an iOS device. Monitor more efficiently - Pinpoint problem areas in scripts and Script Triggers. Turn off Script Triggers when debugging for easier troubleshooting. Managing groups of FileMaker users is now easier and more secure than ever. Faster WAN performance.

Get faster data retrieval. Less data is sent across the network with fewer round trips. More memory allows for faster and more efficient data access. Progressive Backup. Only data that has changed in the database is bundled and applied to the baseline backup. Choose a backup frequency between minutes. Improved web publishing engine. Handle multiple data requests at the same time with more efficient memory management. More stable architecture.

Scripts and plug-ins run together as a separate process. Progressive Backups run independently as well. Progressive media download. Progressively download videos to your FileMaker Pro client. View PDFs and other media instantly. Maximize your database sharing capabilities FileMaker Server 12 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Server 12 plus maximum sharing and connectivity options.

Technical limits are imposed only by your hardware, database design, and operating system. Use SSL encryption for secure data transfer. Instant Web Publishing. While Bento has other fields predefined, you can add others that you want quite simply. This is very nice and really enhances the power of this application, since it is easy enough for a novice to completely customize the libraries to fit their particular business needs.

The elements that can be added are text fields, number fields, choice fields, checkboxes, media options, simple lists, file lists, message lists, and related data , image boxes, horizontal spacers, column dividers, and spacers. I can see that more design elements would be nice, but consider that the vendor intends this product for customers either without a DBA on staff or without the time or budget to create custom databases and front end interfaces for those databases.

The amount of possible customization is impressive. New Features in Bento 3 1. Grid View 3. Simple List Field Type 4. Library Folders 5. Image Box 6. Security Options 7.

Multi-user sharing 8. Group Emailing 9. Print Blank Form Copy Forms Related Data Field — now has image thumbnails 2. File List — now has image thumbnails 3. Table view with media cell 4. Library icons 5. Theme chooser For a detailed list of the enhancements and improvements, see: All Bento 3 New Features Conclusion I like working with databases, and while Bento is not a replacement for FileMaker Pro, it is an excellent tool for smaller businesses including home businesses and departments within larger corporations.

I have and will continue to recommend it at appropriate clients as it is a reasonable-priced product that does a very good job without costing too much.

Positives I like having 2 licenses for a product as I have multiple computers, and I like how FileMaker enabled multiple Bento users to share libraries or even the entire database on a network. And limiting permissions of those other users is important and a necessity.

I like how FileMaker provides free product tutorials for Bento. Kudos to FileMaker. The user interface is intuitive and I like that I can easily add data fields as needed, without needing to buy an add-on or third-party product.

The included templates are very good and will make a good starting point for many customers. And I like how Bento includes libraries that are useful for educators and students alike, as both generally lack a lot of spare cash to buy a similar system from one of the major RDBMS vendors. I love the ability to take data from Bento and directly import it into FileMaker. This is huge, as multiple libraries and databases from multiple people can be pulled into FileMaker for data warehousing and data mining.

Very easy to do from within FileMaker and I appreciate any application that makes it simple to get data out as needed — this was not always the case in the past and that limitation could cost companies a lot of money if they wanted to migrate to a different system, so kudos for giving your customers some control over their data, FileMaker. Negatives I like how many templates there are, but how about something linked to iTunes? There is a template for movies, but I like my music and would love to see this added as a standard library in the future.

Recommendation The user interface is intuitive and I like that I can add data fields as needed.

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Bento is loaded with templates to create databases of people, places, or things using nice-looking graphics. The interface takes some time to get used to, but with a little poking around and once the major features become clear , the true power of Bento starts to materialize. Bento can be used to catalog just about anything in any number of ways.

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