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Where Can I Buy Symantec Winfax Pro Aug 09, · The problem still occurs after installing the winfax pro patch. This morning I tried refaxing the blacklisted numbers, after the 10 successful dialed numbers, one at a time the dialog box still showed blacklisted number. Buy Symantec Winfax Pro Feb 07, · WinFax PRO's easy-to-use interface helps you integrate with your key business applications to simplify management of client and customer interactions. Version lets you send and forward faxes via e-mail. When image clarity is vital, you also have the Symantec Winfax Symantec Winfax Pro Windows 7 cheap lightroom 2 software microsoft outlook help desk buy office home business/10().

I heard of a possible cause being the installation of Internet Explorer 7? If so, what a pain! Anybody found a fix?? Anyone got an answer? Connie, on December 19th, at 1: I did the Microsoft automatic updates without touching or changing any Winfax settings. However, now, when I go to my phonebook and bring up a recipient or add a new one, I can access the recipients last name, first name, Company and Misc records fine, but if I click the mouse anywhere on the lower part of the record, fax number, phone number, cell number: I then have to double click the Winfax icon to bring it back up but the same thing will happen.

Cher , on December 21st, at 6: I have read maybe two positive things about it. My few frustraations off my shoulders for you: I used WInFax Pro and updatd to I tried to reinstall on a new pc and it won;t let me enter my phone data.. I uninstaled several times. I found uninstall instructions adn teh folder damn it, won;t open for me. I will maybe use the forum yuo suggested. I need an operatinal fax system on here ASAP due to legal matters.

Is nothing simple to do? Efax, is that what you suggested? I will try togo to efax. Yes, you could take my comments as questions since they have no end. I do ahve a modem in teh new desktop; can I hook that up semohow to teh Vonage line? I hope soemone acn email me with some help. I know we all need to vent but we need to find solutions. I like to fix problems not create them. I just had to let folks know I am in the same boat. I wonder if anyoen ever filed a class actin suit against Symantec?

All we have put up with. Feel free to email me. I often lose my way from forums I find. I like your forum; what a nice bunch of folks! Cher Rich Gagliardo, on December 24th, at Have spent too much time looking for online help from them.

Ensure that the winfax executable files are part of the search path. Any help out there?

WinFax PRO for Windows supports Class 1, 2, , ISDN and CAS modems .. But the only facsimile-software with many features at the price of $ . 10 hours of frustration between microsoft help, Symantec help and conflicts with Norton. Symantec WinFax Pro - (5 Users): Software. Network fax sharing for workgroups without the need to buy additional modems or phone lines. Dec 1, - In he authored Riding The Bear – buy symantec winfax pro v To Apply? A buy winfax pro 10 when starting your own credit score.

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Symantec Winfax Pro symantec winfax pro WinFax also known as WinFax PRO is a Microsoft Windows-based software product designed to let computers equipped with fax-modems to communicate directly to stand Download Now! Vast selection of software.

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