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In case anyone else runs into this problem: I wasn't able to turn off the "Disable scaling at high DPI settings" for Fireworks until I created a super-admin user for Windows 10 (see ). Once I logged in as that user, I was able to uncheck that box, and then Fireworks was able to use the external manifest file. Logged out and logged back in with my normal admin level user, and it works fine. I was wondering if there was a way to scale the programs to a dimension of your choosing, instead of the default of the program, in order to get a little more usage of the UHD monitor.

For instance autocad works under a 2000-3000px resolution acceptably, but for default the fix sets it to 1080px. For Me i use Macbook retina 13" But i My 3Dmax on Window is Small Tool Small icon. How to Fix this problem i can't Create 3dsmax.

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