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From building a cohesive design system to designing flows for the next device innovation or prototyping complex interfaces for user testing, designers can choose from an abundance of UX design tools.

Only years ago, few people even understood what a user experience designer did. These shifts affect how designers need to look at their workflow, domain knowledge, techniques, and tools. Clients today expect to see not only a polished final product but everything from wireframing to prototyping to a smoothly animating UI. New product design processes usually mean new tools, which means designers needing to spend time learning how to use them—which is why the emergence of new design tools has accelerated so much in the past few years.

Linked screens in an Adobe XD prototype project. The days of designers relying on Photoshop as their main design tool are long gone. Recently, prototyping platform InVision decided to enter the space with its own design tool, Invision Studio. Not having the luxury of staying in that position for long… enter Adobe XD.

Although a little late to the race, Adobe XD has grown in popularity and has become a promising contender since its release in Adobe XD Review: Features and Benefits Some may say that an industry giant like Adobe is a dinosaur and not able to be as agile as its younger competitors. However, a company like Adobe has the resources to evolve rapidly, as well as the financial stability that would make mastering Adobe XD a good investment.

This is a huge advantage, making Adobe XD very valuable, and potentially the leading UX design tool for the future. The Adobe Design Library Manager makes the workflow of creating design assets seamless. Price One of the factors in the early success of industry favorites like Sketch and Figma was their relative affordability. Unless you already have a subscription, it may be difficult to justify spending so much on trying a new tool.

Ease of Use Most digital designers have used an Adobe application at some point and are familiar with the general interface: The beauty of Adobe XD is that you will feel at home as soon as you start using it. The learning curve is light and occurs mostly around more complex design systems and symbol overrides. Like similar tools, Adobe XD handles complex design systems and symbol libraries. It also features intuitive tools for easily connecting screens and creating interactive prototypes that can be utilized in user testing without the need for code.

The recent release of auto-animate makes prototyping rich interactions even easier by automatically animating micro-interactions across artboards in Adobe XD. Adobe XD can create auto-animate transitions using a drag gesture. Ecosystem Having Adobe XD in the Adobe ecosystem is one of its strongest selling points because chances are you already have Creative Cloud, or use other Adobe products on a weekly basis. From vectors to photos, the suite of Adobe products has a dedicated tool for most designer needs that will work pretty smoothly with Adobe XD.

Fast forward two years and Adobe is catching up fast with over 12 million Creative Cloud subscribers and has demonstrated a big potential for continuing its rapid growth. As Adobe XD gains in popularity, so do the chances of encountering a team or client that relies exclusively on Adobe products.

The more tools a designer has in their toolbox, the more design projects they will be able to tackle, and the more teams they will be able to work with effectively. Plugins and integrations enhance the Adobe XD prototyping tool. Just as important to the design and user testing process are the sophisticated XD prototype and animation tools. When a designer is ready to get feedback on designs, plugins by UserTesting and Userlytics allows them to do that without leaving the program.

Creating the ultimate UX design tool that will have all the right features is what companies like InVision, Adobe, and others strive for.

The task is massive and complicated, so one of the ways to accomplish this goal is for platforms to develop plugins and encourage others to do the same. While Sketch is a great design tool, what makes it really great is the availability of third-party plugins like Runner , Color Accessibility Check , Magic Mirror , Auto Animate , etc. Adobe XD benefits include wide-availability of plugins and add-ons. By pouring money into hosting and supporting emerging talent in Adobe Creative Residency Adobe maintains the important advantage of its ecosystem.

Another key element of future success is something else the Adobe XD team is doing well—listening to the end user and engaging them in the development process by inviting them to suggest and upvote the next features to be developed. Every month, new sets of features are rolled out.

The auto-animation tool used in an Adobe XD prototype. Adobe also recently announced the addition of voice prototyping to the Adobe XD toolset.

From Siri to Alexa and other experiences beyond the screen, voice-based interaction is gaining ground. A broader design toolbox can be a big advantage over other potential candidates. This is especially important for freelancers who may be working with different clients every few months—sooner or later a project requiring expert knowledge of a specific design tool will come along.

Not being familiar with that tool may mean the loss of potential engagement. There is some argument about whether a designer should focus on expanding their repertoire vs.

5. Live preview: If you are using an MacBook for adobe xd, it includes an awesome feature for live preview for prototype on your iPhone. Grid: One of the best features in adobe xd thaat lets you repeat elements either horizontally or vertically inspite of . The Adobe Sensei AI technology powers automated options to get a starting point for creative exploration, and the Guided Edits feature allows removing unwanted objects to achieve the result you want. Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you easily edit photos, make clips, and create memes to share on your favorite social websites/5(6). Adobe XD is a powerful, collaborative, easy-to-use platform that helps you and your team create designs for websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and more. Share designs with your team, clients, and stakeholders so they can experience your .

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It is an extremely light and easy application which has increased its popularity. It can be used for rapid prototyping and designing What is Adobe XD? As the name suggests Adobe XD is a tool which helps you design the experience through prototyping within minutes. Although unlike Sketch it lacks a few features and has some new ones. XD is simple and easy to use even for a person who is using Adobe products for the first time. There are several pre-made UI kits which are available online which XD supports making it easier for the user to switch to XD.


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