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A “Stopped” cloud service only stops the role host processes running in the VMs, but the VMs are still running and you are billed for allocated cores. Note—To put a cloud service in a “Stopped” state, use the “Stop” option from the Microsoft Azure portal. Deleted (Deallocated) No. Cloud Services Documentation. Learn how to use Cloud Services to host and run highly available, scalable cloud applications and APIs. Tutorials, API references and other documentation show you how to manage virtual machine hosts and configure, patch, and install software. Service Dashboard Azure service status report Legal information Relevant legal information about operating Azure services Trust Center Answers to your data privacy and security concerns, conveniently look over the specifics for purchasing and using Azure Azure IP Advantage Protecting your innovation in the cloud ICP Filing.

There are many different services and many different elements within those services that are billed in Windows Azure. There are so many options and variables, it could be difficult to figure out the cost in advance if we did not have a great tool to do it for us. Microsoft created the Windows Azure Calculator. When you go to the calculator , you will see that it has many different starting points: However, the full calculator does not allow you to be as granular on your selection of services.

Web sites Web sites has three tabs; Free, Shared and Reserved. The Free tab does not give you prices because everything is free. The shared tab gives you prices based on shared resources. Reserved gives you the prices for dedicated resources. Slide the slider bar to the right of the option you want to increase to a higher quantity.

IBM usually includes a SAN drive, but there is an option for a local drive on the standard type of instance. RightScale On-demand cloud instance pricing: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google vs. We calculate both so that you can normalize the prices if the amount of memory is important to you. In the chart below, red indicates the highest price of the cloud providers within a scenario and green represents the lowest price.

If there are ties, then both cloud providers are highlighted green or red. RightScale In pure on-demand prices for one hour Azure is lowest price for eight scenarios; highest price for one scenario.

Azure matches or is lower than AWS for all scenarios. Google Cloud is lowest price for four scenarios; highest price for five scenarios. IBM In comparing discounted prices, we looked at annual instead of hourly costs to give a better comparison. Below for each of the six scenarios, you can see the discounted annual price for each cloud and then the discounted annual price per GB of RAM for each. In annual prices for a one—year commitment: Azure has the lowest price for 9 scenarios; highest price for 1.

Google Cloud has the lowest price for 2 scenarios; highest price for 7. AWS has the lowest price for 0 scenarios; highest price for 2. IBM has the lowest price for 1 scenario; highest price for 4. IBM pricing will depend on the negotiated price. The Impact of Regions on Cloud Pricing Different cloud regions have different pricing for each cloud provider.

In Asia, the price differences are especially pronounced. On an annual basis, the built-in SUD discount makes Google the lowest—priced option for on-demand costs when no local disk is required. When commitment-based discounts are applied, Azure becomes the lowest—priced option in two of the three regions. When commitment-based discounts are applied, Azure becomes the lowest—priced option in all of the three regions.

We looked at options U. Cloud Pricing for Linux vs. Windows Each cloud provider charges a premium for instances running Windows in order to cover the licensing costs for Windows. The options below are all in the U. IBM is the lowest priced in the discounted comparison because it has a significantly lower premium for Windows than the other three providers.

Keep in mind that the Azure Hybrid Use Discount, which allows you to apply existing Windows licenses from on-prem to Azure, could bring that Azure price for Windows down. In looking at the premium paid for Windows, you can see that:

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Microsoft eventually added infrastructure as a service IaaS to Azure and included Linux servers in the IaaS lineup as well as Windows operating systems. Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure are blurring the lines between PaaS and IaaS with PaaS-like offerings, such as databases, messaging queues and caching, as well as IaaS core services, such as virtual machines and object storage. Azure comes in varying support plans, from a basic, free version to an enterprise-level premier plan. From there, features are ramped up to include technical support, third-party software support, training and launch support for the higher-tier plans. Azure offers a simple PaaS model based on web and worker instances, three different persistent storage services, and support for common programming languages and development frameworks. Pricing Azure breaks down its pricing based on what services you need. It provides services and pricing information on main features, like app services, virtual machines, SQL databases, blob storage, container service and functions.


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