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Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is an antivirus to rely on. It uses a minimalistic approach to make sure of the one thing that matters: whether you’re a rookie or a techie, your PC will be defended against intruders. On-demand & on-access scanning that runs in the background ; . Bitdefender Antivirus Pro is a great antivirus tool for all around protection from a variety of malware, with specific expertise in ransomware – a growing threat. It does a great job of keeping both known and newly discovered threats from destroying your computer system or lurking under the surface, /5. Bitdefender Antivirus. Bitdefender Advantages for Windows. Bitdefender has high scores both in performance and protection tests. AV-Comparatives measure Bitdefender protection rate as %, which gave it the first place. The latest AV-Tests gives 6 out of 6 in performance and usability, while the protection rate consists of out of 6.

Modern-day threats like ransomware, keyloggers , phishing websites, and identity stealers are as much of a danger for Android as for the Win OS. The following review includes the best antivirus products for Android users. With dozens of decent antivirus solutions available on the market, it can be quite hard to pick the one you need.

Or, you could pick one of the five products you see in our list, and that will be the right choice. First of all, take a good look at various lab test results — they will tell you how a specific program performs in the real world.

AV-Test and AV-Comparatives are some of the most popular and trusted third-party testers, and they continuously include industry leaders into their tests. It is the fastest and most reliable way to see whether an antivirus product is worth your while or not. Next, make sure that the software will work on all Android-run devices.

While they are under even less danger than, say, Smartphones, it would be best to protect every single device you own. Scanning is also essential, and you usually have a choice between on-demand and real-time scans. Some antivirus solutions can do both; others only offer one of the options, which is why you should be ready to pick.

Finally, we have additional features; those include remote locking, webcam protection, VPN, and more. We highly recommend learning more about all these extra features and options. And now that you learned the on how to make the right choice when in the market for online protection, it is time to talk about five leading products in more detail. Whenever TotalAV finds a malicious file, it puts it into the quarantine and lets the user deal with it.

Furthermore, it also offers a Virtual Private Network which will allow you to turn into a digital shadow. Keep that in mind, when thinking about installing TotalAV on your Android device. The good news is — it is competitively priced and will appeal to users looking for a budget antivirus. Phone locking is also available like with most rivaling Android antiviruses — you send an SMS and lock it from a distance. With Norton, it is possible to set up a block that is initiated after 10 unsuccessful attempts to log in.

It is a convenient feature: One of the most significant disadvantages of the Norton app is the lack of anti-phishing protection. And according to statistics, ransomware and phishing are the biggest threats for a modern-day mobile device. Still, it is a worthy product with impressive lab test results.

And while the system impact might be a bit higher, the scans take very little time to complete around seconds. Last, but not least. It is a very generous antivirus, as one single paid subscription will protect as much as ten mobile devices simultaneously running both on Android and iOS. Norton Advantages for Android Comes with a well-designed interface Features remote locking Anti-Phishing protection is not included The paid edition is a bit expensive McAfee Antivirus For a very long time, McAfee has been among the top-5 antiviruses for desktop users.

Another standout feature is the app leakage checker — it allows you to see whether a particular app is leaking private and sensitive data or not.

The built-in anti-phishing protection works nicely, and McAfee also allows the user to create a blacklist of texters and callers. Overall, this is a highly capable product that you can install on your Android device and forget about it. McAfee is highly reliable and is continuously being updated, meaning it will always stay on top of all the latest threats. The only way to get rid of them is to upgrade to the paid version. That will also grant you access to phone support; we tried it during this review and were pleased by how professional and helpful the support agents are.

And, they did a marvelous job with the Android app: Plus, there is a firewall additional layer of defense and a call blocker — both features can come in handy. The user interface is very friendly and straightforward: And, like most leading Android antivirus apps, it runs entirely automatically in the background, taking care of protection. It is important: Avast used to be paid, but, recently, they turned it into a free product.

However, that means that it is supported by ads and they will continuously pop up. To get rid of them, you can upgrade to the Premium edition. That will also grant access to app locking, a feature that allows you to introduce a PIN code for specific apps.

It will prevent malicious files from opening apps on the OS. By the way, Avast is compatible with Android 4. In real-world tests, Avast is almost as good as Bitdefender and McAfee. The Bitdefender antivirus advantages include low system impact, a user-friendly interface, and, of course, a free app.

That saves system resources and allows the battery to last longer. At the same time, all new apps that are downloaded to the device will be scanned automatically. As mentioned, Bitdefender is very friendly and will be ready to protect you the second it is installed. And if you want to test out the additional features that come with the premium editions, make sure to take the day free trial for a spin.

Of all the extra features, anti-theft is the most important one, as it will be able to protect and retrieve your device. As a lightweight, fast, and reliable solution, this antivirus will be a perfect pick. Bitdefender Advantages for Android System impact is incredibly low User-friendly, easy installation.

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Bitdefender vs Kaspersky: Picking the Best Antivirus for

It offers all the essential malware hunting tools, plus some great additional extras. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus provides antivirus as you would expect , real-time behavior monitoring and multi-layered ransomware protection. Image credit: This provides an extra layer of protection by looking for dreaded ransomware. Once spotted, it backs up targeted files, while simultaneously shutting the malicious process down. That means that even if it takes a few seconds for the regular antivirus engine to destroy the ransomware, Bitdefender will be able to restore ransomware encrypted data without any problems.


Kaspersky vs Bitdefender - Tested vs Malware

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